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77% of #businesses plan to increase #digitalmarketing budgets this year #OnlineBusiness #f


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7 Highly Effective Social Media Techniques That Work Wonders for Your Business #SocialMediaMarketing #business #OnlineBusiness

social media techniquesBusiness owners online are trying to figure out the most effective social media techniques for achieving their goals.  After all, people are signing up for social media sites faster than you can blink an eye!

No matter what your goals are, there are  key factors that will make your social media networking more effective.

Whether you are searching for your ideal client, trying to connect with a prospect, building your brand, or simply growing your social network, there are a few techniques that just plain work.

Seven of my favorite effective social media techniques

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3 Keys to Business Excellence #business #OnlineBusiness #InternetBusiness

Excelling in business isn’t necessarily rocket science. In fact you just have to master these three things.



I was recently fascinated by an intriguing video of author and screenwriter Neil Gaiman giving a commencement speech to the 2012 University of the Arts graduating class. There were several marvelous insights in the speech, which you can see here. About three quarters of the way through, Gaiman eloquently articulates the path to business excellence for freelancers. It applies very nicely to business across the board.

Entrepreneurs, managers, and employees alike take heed, if you want to be considered excellent at business, you need to master these three simple things.

1. Be Efficient –Turn in work on time.

2. Be Effective–Do great work.

3. Be Congenial–Be a pleasure to work with.

Of course this makes perfect sense. But Gaiman goes on to point out that even any two of these will keep you in business if you can’t master all three. Here is why:

If you do great work and are a pleasure to deal with, then most people will put up with a deliverable arriving a little late.

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4 ideas de éxito para emprender #emprendedores #entrepreneurs


Aunque en el Blog de Emprendedores del Economista te hemos dicho en varias ocasiones que para montar una empresa no es necesario tener una idea revolucionaria, en el sector de las startups la cosa cambia, ya que estas novedosas entidades se caracterizan por satisfacer necesidades que aún no estaban cubiertas.

De este modo, la revista Forbes ha publicado una lista con las ideas que más éxito están teniendo dentro del universo de las startups. ¡Conoce algunas e inspírate para que tu negocio sea el próximo en triunfar!

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Pinterest Launches Free Analytics Tool for Business Accounts #pinterest #SocialMedia #SocialMediaMarketing #OnlineBusiness

pinterest's analytics toolintroductory3

You remember a few months back when Pinterest rocked marketers’ worlds by introducing business accounts?

We sure do.

Now, Pinterest is taking it one step further by introducing an analytics tool for those accounts! Pretty pictures and data … think this might be the marketing Holy Grail. (I’d also like to go on record for predicting this release back in November. As if we didn’t all know this was coming. But still.)

Here’s what Pinterest’s analytics tool looks like, and how to use it! Get excited, people.

(Note: If analytics was the kick you needed to get started with Pinterest, check out our free instructional ebook, How to Optimize and Measure Your Pinterest Business Account. We’ve updated it to contain all the information about analytics that you’ll find in this post, as well!)

Who Can Use Pinterest Analytics, and Where the Heck Do I Find It?

First of all, Pinterest’s analytics tool is totally and completely free of charge. It is available to you right now, as long as you’ve verified your account. That is to say, you can’t use your personal account — you must have a business account. If you haven’t verified your business account yet, visit this blog post to learn exactly how to do it.

To find the analytics tool, log in to your account and go to the top right corner of your screen where the drop-down menu is located. If you haven’t switched to the “new look” yet — you’ll know you haven’t yet if there’s a prompt in your drop-down menu that says “Switch to the New Look” — go ahead and click that. (Don’t worry about the new look … it’s not that big a change, and you won’t have trouble finding your stuff.)

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Twitter para negocios #twitter #negocios #NegociosPorInternet #OnlineBusiness

twitter para negociosEn esta ocasión te voy a hablar de cómo utilizar Twitter para negocios, una herramienta muy dinámica para comunicarte con tu audiencia e investigar tu mercado.

Twitter cuenta con más de 5 millones de usuarios en España, y más de 200 millones en todo el mundo (aunque sólo la mitad de las cuentas aproximadamente son activas). Por tanto es una oportunidad que no debes dejar escapar.

Marketing relacional de 140 caracteres

Twitter es uno de los medios sociales más populares que utilizamos profesionales y empresas. A menudo nos referimos a Twitter como una red de “microblogging”.

El empleo de Twitter para negocios supone una herramienta para que puedas interactuar con tu público objetivo, desarrollando relaciones que te permiten impulsar tu negocio.

Twitter es una herramienta, y no un fin.

Como tal, puedes emplearla para desarrollar tu marca personal, como canal de atención al cliente, para hacer investigación de mercado, para hacer networking dinámico, para generar tráfico, como fuente de información, etc.

Estrategias de uso de Twitter para negocios

Si ya sabes cómo emplear Twitter para negocios, no es necesario que sigas leyendo. Pero si eres de esos que se ha abierto cuenta o está pensando en hacerlo, pero no sabe para qué puede servirle, entonces continúa.

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Internet Marketing Tips To Make Your Business A Success #InternetMarketing #Business

internet marketing

With the economy still doing poorly and jobs in short supply, many are turning to the Internet in order to start a wide variety of businesses. There are many who are not sure of the best way to get started in this new area and you may be looking for help yourself. When you need help marketing your business effectively, just check out some of these tips below for some solid advice.

Find directories that list free stuff and send them your free materials to list. For example, if you have a free e-zine, submit it to numerous free e-zine directories. You can also submit it to some e-book directories or article directories.

Pay attention to the small details on your site. The site’s title should be placed in the right hand corner up top on each page with a slight blurb about what the site is about. Visitors may get to different pages, depending on their search. If they do not know exactly what your page has to offer, they may simply leave.

Before you start marketing online, you first need to brainstorm a variety of methods you may want to implement. You could for instance write articles for blogs or online magazines, list your business in online directories or share your content on social networks. There are a number of methods that you can use to attract visitors to your site. The most important thing here is that you’re attempting to be creative and unique.

Use this tip for your internet marketing campaign.

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21 Social Media & Content Marketing Tips Tailored For Small Businesses #SocialMedia #ContentMarketing #OnlineBusiness

7 Questions Every Small Business Must Ask To Succeed

social mediaSocial media and content marketing are must haves for any business. This need is more important among small and mid-size businesses where additional marketing requires a trade-off for other scarce resources.

Most important among these is time, especially the owner’s or solopreneur’s time since there’s always something else that needs to get done that will yield an easily measureable return.

Due to this time crunch, small businesses tend to move from one business fire to the next without fully thinking through a longer-term marketing plan to support business growth. UMass Dartmouth’s research, 2012 Inc 500 Social Media Settles In, supports this point in terms of social media. The research found that about three out five small and medium size businesses couldn’t track financial results for their social media efforts.

As a small or medium-sized businesses person you know that it can be difficult to find the time to brainstorm marketing initiatives – specifically social media, content and search marketing initiatives that you can track (Here’s how to create a social media plan.)

Here are seven questions you can ask about your small business marketing efforts. By answering these questions, you can direct your time and resources to where they’ll yield the best results.

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10 Claves Para Emprender En Tiempos De Crisis #emprendedores #entrepreneurs

emprenderRodolfo Carpintier, presidente de DAD, nos da 10 claves que todo emprendedor debería tener en cuenta. Estos son los 10 puntos que debemos tener presentes a la hora de emprender en tiempos de crisis:

    1. Analizar el modelo de negocio con las amistades. Usar las redes sociales y los contactos en ellas para, dedicándole un par de meses, averiguar si la idea de negocio tiene atractivo o no.
    2. Averiguar si el proyecto es viable o realmente es invertible. La diferencia es que los inversores solo financian los segundos.
    3. Buscar por lo menos un socio. Emprender es muy duro y conviene tener un buen compañero de viaje. No es recomendable buscarlo entre amigos o familiares, sino en escuelas de negocio y en entornos empresariales.

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LinkedIn sigue consolidándose como la mejor red social para hacer negocios #linkedin #SocialMedia #OnlineBusiness #RedesSociales #NegociosPorInternet


Su potencial para hacer contactos a nivel empresarial conquista la confianza de las empresas

Según un estudio publicado por el Centro de Investigación de Marketing de la Universidad de Massachusetts, 8 de cada 10 (81%) empresas del Inc. 500, utilizan LinkedIn, frente al 73% del año anterior. Una cifra superior a la registrada por Facebook (67%) quien además ha registrado un sensible descenso respecto a 2011, cuando era del 74%.

Entre otras estrategias de Social Media adoptadas por las empresas del Inc. 500 en 2012 destacan:

  • Una mayor importancia del blog corporativo. El 44% de las marcas ahora publica en su blog corporativo, frente al 37% del periodo anterior.
  • El uso de Foursquare se ha duplicado, pasando del 13% en 2011 al 28% de 2012.
  • Youtube también ha sufrido cierto descenso. En 2012 solo el 30% de las empresas lo utilizó, frente al 45% de 2012.
  • El 18% de las empresas utiliza Pinterest.
  • El 63% aporta contenido propio en Social Media.
  • Pocas empresas han aumentado su inversión en este ámbito. Únicamente el 44% de las marcas destina más recursos que el año anterior, frente al 71% que en 2011aumentó sus esfuerzos. Además, el 41% reconoce que su presupuesto no variará en el próximo año

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