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40+ Resources and Tools to Take Your Blogging and SocialMedia Marketing to the Next Level #blogging #SocialMedia #SocialMediaMarketing


If you mean business and and need to market and monetize your business, personal brand, website or blog to take advantage of the online and digital opportunities, then you need the right tools, resources and advice to guide you.


The explosion of websites, apps, tools and resources online is often confusing. These are some of the resources that I use and recommend that I have found helpful with blogging and social media marketing.

They include tools, links, books and courses and a whole range of resources that will:

  • Get you started.
  • Take your blog and social media marketing to the next level.

If there are other resources you would like listed, don’t hesitate to let me know and I will include them here in the resources section of the blog.


WordPress is what I use for this blog and is the #1 global blogging platform that offers flexibility, ease of use and a low cost starting point.

Selecting a WordPress theme is the quickest way to accelerate your blog design without starting from scratch. 

Themefuse offers a wide range of WordPress themes that can get you up and running in a matter of minutes.

Prices start from $39 

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14 Social Media Tools Used by Marketing Pros #SocialMedia #SocialMediaMarketing #SocialMediaTools #MarketingTools

social media toolsAre you looking for social media tools to get more out of your marketing?

Are you wondering what tools marketing pros are using successfully?

We asked fourteen well-known marketers to share the latest social media tools they’ve been using.

Discover how you can use these tools to help you to get more out of your social media marketing.

#1: Mention

Todd Wheatland

Todd Wheatland

Mention was developed as a user-friendly replacement for Google Alerts. They’re a textbook example of how to build a platform by doing one thing better than anyone else.

As well as being an absolute joy to use, it captures so many more, ahem, ‘mentions’ online than any other platform I’ve used that it’s become my #1 go-to social mention reference tool.

There are many clever things behind the way Mention is set up. They’ve taken the Apple approach to clean and simple UI to give you great functionality as a default and the power to modify settings to really hone in on what’s important to your circumstances.

social media

Mention provides clean and simple functionality.

Apart from doing a fantastic job of identifying online mentions, some of my favorite features are:

  • Simple controls to turn specific sources off—but still be able to monitor them in the spam folder in case you mis-classify something.
  • Default alert emails that take you straight to source, rather than forcing an extra step by taking you to the Mention platform.
    mention todd wheatland

    You can see how many online mentions you have in the left-hand column.

Of course, with success, they’re quickly adding features—including an enterprise-level offering—that will make them seem increasingly like a lot of the more established players in the social tools space. So far though, they’ve done a great job of maintaining simplicity and delivering on their core offering.

Todd Wheatland, head of thought leadership at Kelly Services.

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Source / Fuente: Social Media Examiner.

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Treinta anuncios desbordantes de creatividad que le dejarán sin palabras #ads #anuncios #MarketingTools #HerramientasDeMarketing

anunciosEn el mundo de la publicidad existen anuncios que pasan sin pena ni gloria y otros que llaman la atención a cualquier persona gracias a su desbordante creatividad. Existen ocasiones en las que una imagen vale más que mil palabras, y en los siguientes ejemplos de publicidad impresa podemos afirmar que con una imagen se consigue no sólo llamar la atención del consumidor, sino también dejar una impronta en la mente.

La página web Webneel ha recopilado treinta anuncios impresos que no dejarán indiferente a nadie, demostrando que en el mundo de la publicidad, la creatividad es el rey. En el extenso recopilatorio encontramos anuncios sarcásticos, macabros o retro de marcas tan conocidas como Chupa-ChupsCoca-ColaSamsung o Burger King entre otros.

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The Best 100 Free SEO Tools & Resources Online #SEO #MarketingTools

At Moz, we love using premium SEO Tools (especially our own). Paid tools are essential when you need advanced features, increased limits, historical features, or online support.

For other tasks, a free tool does the trick.

Below you’ll find an interactive list of 100 best completely free tools, tools with both free and paid options, and free trials. Simply select the checkbox for the area you’re working in, and view the tools forr that category.

seo tools


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5 Ecommerce Landing Pages: Good and Bad #LandingPages #ecommerce

A key component of an ecommerce marketing strategy is to develop unique landing pages for online ads and email promotions.

Many retailers assume the best place to link ads is their home pages. After all, that is where prospects will find all the products for sale, and it is generally the most visually appealing page in a site. But that assumption is incorrect. The best place to land after clicking on an ad is a page that is highly relevant to that ad.

If your prospects land on a relevant page, they are more likely to browse the contents of that page. Conversion rates from highly personalized landing pages are generally much higher than generic pages, home pages, and even broad category pages.

Elements of Effective Landing Pages

There are several ways to ensure the landing page is relevant. First, if you are targeting specific keywords, be sure that the landing page displays those keywords prominently. Be sure the products you display are related to the keywords. If you are targeting the keywords “Nikon camera,” for example, you should link to your Nikon camera page and include only Nikon cameras.

Your conversion rates will be higher and in many cases your cost per click will be lower because Google may see your page as having a higher quality score versus a competitor that takes the user to a generic landing page for all cameras. The cost per click is determined by a combination of your bid and the quality score; he higher the quality score, the lower the cost per click.

In any promotion, your ultimate goal is presumably to make the sale. Continuing the example of “Nikon camera,” here are my search results for that term on Google.

Zoom Enlarge This Imagelanding pages

Example of “Nikon camera” Google search results. 

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Source / Fuente: Practical eCommerce.

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Marketing Móvil, 7 herramientas imprescindibles Parte I #MarketingMovil #MobileMarketing

El mundo digital cada día está más integrado en nuestras vidas siendo los Smartphones la clave de esta integración. Llegados a este punto, el reto consiste en adaptarnos a esta realidad y aprovechar todas las posibilidades que nos ofrece esta unión llevándolas hacia el marketing móvil. Cada vez existen mas herramientas que nos permiten aprovechar estas nuevas tecnologías que ya forman parte de nuestras vidas


Casi sin darnos cuenta nuestro Smartphone se ha convertido en un compañero diario e imprescindible gracias a las posibilidades de comunicación que nos da. Según Comscore, España lidera el ranking de penetración de Smartphones en Europa con un 63% frente al 55% de otros países como Francia, Alemania, Reino Unido o Italia. Datos significativos que nos dicen hacia donde debemos enfocar nuestros esfuerzos y hacia donde va el marketing actual. En un artículo anterior ya os hable de la evolución que esta sufriendo, o debería sufrir, el mundo del marketing para adaptarse a las nuevas formas de consumir la publicidad que estamos adoptando los usuarios y el marketing móvil es uno de los pilares de esos nuevos modelos


7 Herramientas imprescindibles en el Marketing Móvil



1. Conectar con el móvil del usuario:


Hay tres formas de llegar al móvil de nuestros clientes actuales y futuros:


  • Tener nuestra web adaptada y optimizada para móviles y tabletas (3 de cada 4 visitantes a una web adaptada repiten) conocido como diseño web adaptativo o responsive web design


  • Mediante una app. Esta debe ser sencilla, fácil de instalar y que ofrezca una buena experiencia de usuario. Lo ideal es que esté disponible para todas las plataformas actuales (iOS, Android, Windows Phone…) para no discriminar a ninguna persona


  • Realizar interacciones bidireccionales. Gracias a los datos que conocemos a través de esta movilidad podemos adaptar nuestras campañas de marketing para que sean lo más personalizadas posibles


2. Códigos QR y códigos de barra


Su uso más habitual es el de marketing promocional y lo podemos encontrar prácticamente en cualquier sitio: Internet, packaging de productos, vallas, televisión, materiales impresos…


También podemos usar estos códigos para ofrecer cupones descuento o tarjetas de fidelización, incluso para crear nuestra propia tarjeta de visita


El escaneo de códigos es una potente herramienta que nos permite saber mucha información de la persona que escanea: el producto que tiene delante, su localización, fecha y hora, lenguaje del terminal o incluso la identificación del usuario. Toda esta información nos será muy valiosa para poder personalizar una campaña


 marketing móvil


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The 10 Commandments to Successful Blogging #blogging #InternetMarketing

There are lots of Do’s and Don’ts in the blogging world but there are very few absolutes. If I were to carve anything in stone, though, it would be these 10 Commandments to successful blogging.

Define Your Goal

Let’s cut to the chase, here: If you’re following my blog then your goal is to make money with your blog. That’s it in a nutshell. You may think your goal is to provide expert advice to help people, but it’s not. That’s HOW you’re going to achieve your goal. Your goal is to make money. It’s important to clearly separate these two concepts in your mind. Otherwise, you’re going to get so caught up in “helping people” that you’ll lose sight of your goal.

Have A Business Plan

In the beginning it may be as simple as providing expert advice to help people in a specific vertical achieve XYZ, but eventually you’re going to want to see a return on your investment. How do you plan to monetize your blog? More important, what type of business are you dreaming of?


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When Money Motivates Blogging #blogging #MakeMoney

A few years ago I read an article by an A-list blogger that just totally blew my mind with it’s negativity and I recently tripped over a similar post published just a few days ago.

I never expected anything like this from either blogger, especially now.

The topic?

One of my favorites: Should you blog about something you’re passionate about, or should you be passionate about your blog?

Yes, there’s a difference. Let me explain.


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Using YouTube to Build Your Brand, Authority and Business #VideoMarketing #OnlineBusiness

youtubeDo you use YouTube videos to market your business?

Are you wondering how you can get more viewers and engagement for your channel?

To learn about how YouTube can help you build your brand and authority, I interview Steve Spangler for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast.

More About This Show


The Social Media Marketing podcast is a show from Social Media Examiner.

It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.

The show format is on-demand talk radio (also known as podcasting).

In this episode, I interview Steve Spangler, author of Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste and Naked Eggs and Flying PotatoesHe also has three YouTube shows focused on science experiments. They include Sick ScienceThe Spangler Effect and Spangler Science TV.

Steve shares how he uses YouTube to build his brand and business and his experiences along the way. You’ll learn how to measure feedback and metrics from your viewers to boost your video engagement and visibility.

Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below!

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Content Marketing Strategy: 3 Steps to Avoid a Guest Blogging Fail #ContentMarketing #blogging

bloggingBrands want it. Agencies are scrambling to create it. Experts are calling it the future. Consumers crave it. However, is content making anyone more excited about the future of marketing in terms of providing real business value? Jef I. Richards said, “Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’ ” Without a strategic plan behind your content marketing and, more specifically, your guest postings, your content is just clutter — it’s not marketing, nor does it provide any more value than a glorified “About” page.

Originally, SEO professionals used guest posting as a tool to obtain links back to a site from a variety of different domains. This was about quantity and keyword-rich anchor text. As guest blogging has evolved, this haphazard, quantity-driven practice hasn’t been replaced, even though most knowledgeable content marketers and SEO practitioners understand that guest blogging is more about building credibility and brand awareness, or using content as the catalyst for social media conversations. Also, with reports of Google’s Author Rank, your authority as an author who submits quality content to quality sites will influence the page rank of your article in search results.

In order to get past what this Midwest girl likes to call “crop dusting” content, you need to build a plan for each phase of a guest post’s content life cycle: strategy, creation, and execution.

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Source / Fuente: Content Marketing Institute.

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