5 Ecommerce Landing Pages: Good and Bad #LandingPages #ecommerce

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A key component of an ecommerce marketing strategy is to develop unique landing pages for online ads and email promotions.

Many retailers assume the best place to link ads is their home pages. After all, that is where prospects will find all the products for sale, and it is generally the most visually appealing page in a site. But that assumption is incorrect. The best place to land after clicking on an ad is a page that is highly relevant to that ad.

If your prospects land on a relevant page, they are more likely to browse the contents of that page. Conversion rates from highly personalized landing pages are generally much higher than generic pages, home pages, and even broad category pages.

Elements of Effective Landing Pages

There are several ways to ensure the landing page is relevant. First, if you are targeting specific keywords, be sure that the landing page displays those keywords prominently. Be sure the products you display are related to the keywords. If you are targeting the keywords “Nikon camera,” for example, you should link to your Nikon camera page and include only Nikon cameras.

Your conversion rates will be higher and in many cases your cost per click will be lower because Google may see your page as having a higher quality score versus a competitor that takes the user to a generic landing page for all cameras. The cost per click is determined by a combination of your bid and the quality score; he higher the quality score, the lower the cost per click.

In any promotion, your ultimate goal is presumably to make the sale. Continuing the example of “Nikon camera,” here are my search results for that term on Google.

Zoom Enlarge This Imagelanding pages

Example of “Nikon camera” Google search results. 

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