Why and How Small Businesses Should be Blogging #OnlineBusiness #blogging

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Why should small businesses be blogging? How can they get started? Those are the two big questions for #blogchat this Sunday night.

What is #blogchat? 

Here’s Mack Collier leading a live, in-person version of
#blogchat. This Sunday, I’ll join him for the online
version, focusing on small business blogging.

It’s a chat held on Twitter. It’s a conversation with hundreds of people asking questions of each other and sharing what they know about blogging. Learn more at What is #Blogchat? by Mack Collier, the host and founder. (He’s also a small town guy!)

When is it? 
#blogchat is held every Sunday evening at 8pm Central Time. I’ll be co-hosting this Sunday, January 13, 2013, and we’ll talk about small business blogging.

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Source / Fuente: Small Biz Survival.