The 10 Commandments to Successful Blogging #blogging #InternetMarketing

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There are lots of Do’s and Don’ts in the blogging world but there are very few absolutes. If I were to carve anything in stone, though, it would be these 10 Commandments to successful blogging.

Define Your Goal

Let’s cut to the chase, here: If you’re following my blog then your goal is to make money with your blog. That’s it in a nutshell. You may think your goal is to provide expert advice to help people, but it’s not. That’s HOW you’re going to achieve your goal. Your goal is to make money. It’s important to clearly separate these two concepts in your mind. Otherwise, you’re going to get so caught up in “helping people” that you’ll lose sight of your goal.

Have A Business Plan

In the beginning it may be as simple as providing expert advice to help people in a specific vertical achieve XYZ, but eventually you’re going to want to see a return on your investment. How do you plan to monetize your blog? More important, what type of business are you dreaming of?


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