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You clearly have a passion for writing

regardless of what you’re into,

or you wouldn’t be on this page.

That my friend, ROCKS.  Why?


Because unlike all the people you know who are stuck at jobs or businesses they hate,

earning just over broke (j.o.b.), as I found out (the hard way)…

…you can make 5, 6, & even 7 Figures –

sharing your passions, knowledge, & SOUL…

IF…you use the right platform.


make money

From the time I was 14 (1994) until I was 18, I wanted to write for Snowboarder Magazine.

I dreamed of traveling around the country, and the world, hitting up different towns, slopes, & bringing back my best tales of adventure & culture…on and off the slopes.


Have you ever had a dream that somebody crushed?  I’ve gotta imagine most of us have.  This particularly happened to me when I went to pursue learning how to make money writing for a snowboard magazine.

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