Pinterest Launches Free Analytics Tool for Business Accounts #pinterest #SocialMedia #SocialMediaMarketing #OnlineBusiness

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You remember a few months back when Pinterest rocked marketers’ worlds by introducing business accounts?

We sure do.

Now, Pinterest is taking it one step further by introducing an analytics tool for those accounts! Pretty pictures and data … think this might be the marketing Holy Grail. (I’d also like to go on record for predicting this release back in November. As if we didn’t all know this was coming. But still.)

Here’s what Pinterest’s analytics tool looks like, and how to use it! Get excited, people.

(Note: If analytics was the kick you needed to get started with Pinterest, check out our free instructional ebook, How to Optimize and Measure Your Pinterest Business Account. We’ve updated it to contain all the information about analytics that you’ll find in this post, as well!)

Who Can Use Pinterest Analytics, and Where the Heck Do I Find It?

First of all, Pinterest’s analytics tool is totally and completely free of charge. It is available to you right now, as long as you’ve verified your account. That is to say, you can’t use your personal account — you must have a business account. If you haven’t verified your business account yet, visit this blog post to learn exactly how to do it.

To find the analytics tool, log in to your account and go to the top right corner of your screen where the drop-down menu is located. If you haven’t switched to the “new look” yet — you’ll know you haven’t yet if there’s a prompt in your drop-down menu that says “Switch to the New Look” — go ahead and click that. (Don’t worry about the new look … it’s not that big a change, and you won’t have trouble finding your stuff.)

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