If Your Landing Page Could Talk, What Would It Say? #LandingPage #LandingPages #InternetMarketing

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I am a landing page.

My job is to greet you when you click on ads, email links and social media posts. You will find me by scanning a QR code.

You come to me because you want something. You have requested my presence on your screen by taking a very specific action, and you expect a very specific result.

I try not to let you down.

I want you to know you are in the right place; that I have an answer for you. Your search has not been in vain.

I want you to trust me. I want you to know that others have been here and prospered because of it. I do not fool myself. I may be the first emissary of this website that you have seen, brought here by a promise and expecting that promise be kept.

It is a weighty responsibility I have.

I have seen you through the screen, wide-eyed and eager, but with the telltale signs of skepticism.

I am the butler, the maître d’. It is my job to bring you into the establishment and help you find your place. No, the home page is not equipped to perform this task any more than a pack mule is equipped to drive a race car.

These are not the eyes of a home page visitor, with lids half closed and darting back and forth. Have you seen a home page?

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Source / Fuente: Search Engine Land.