7 Experiential Content Marketing Tips (With Examples) #ContentMarketing #MarketingDeContenidos

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Content Marketing: What I Learned On My Summer Vacation

content marketingA marketer never sleeps. Nor does she ever completely go on vacation. My husband kids me that my every conversation is a marketing lesson. What I learned on my recent family trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico was no different.

As part of our trip, we participated in three adventure travel packages run by a local company, Vallarta Adventures, that enhanced our vacation and provided us with unforgettable memories. This was experiential marketing at its best.

Here are 7 actionable experiential content marketing tips based on my summer vacation. They can be applied to restaurants, hotels, activities, events and conferences. But don’t overlook the potential for using these tips in your retail establishment.

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Source / Fuente: Heidi Cohen.