21 Social Media & Content Marketing Tips Tailored For Small Businesses #SocialMedia #ContentMarketing #OnlineBusiness

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7 Questions Every Small Business Must Ask To Succeed

social mediaSocial media and content marketing are must haves for any business. This need is more important among small and mid-size businesses where additional marketing requires a trade-off for other scarce resources.

Most important among these is time, especially the owner’s or solopreneur’s time since there’s always something else that needs to get done that will yield an easily measureable return.

Due to this time crunch, small businesses tend to move from one business fire to the next without fully thinking through a longer-term marketing plan to support business growth. UMass Dartmouth’s research, 2012 Inc 500 Social Media Settles In, supports this point in terms of social media. The research found that about three out five small and medium size businesses couldn’t track financial results for their social media efforts.

As a small or medium-sized businesses person you know that it can be difficult to find the time to brainstorm marketing initiatives – specifically social media, content and search marketing initiatives that you can track (Here’s how to create a social media plan.)

Here are seven questions you can ask about your small business marketing efforts. By answering these questions, you can direct your time and resources to where they’ll yield the best results.

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