30 Careless Mistakes That Will Totally Muck Up Your Marketing #InternetMarketing #OnlineMarketing #DigitalMarketing

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Weve all had those moments. You know, the ones when you do something completely careless or idiotic, and then quickly follow up with a Ron Burgundy-esque thought like, “I immediately regret this decision” … or a more classic example, the Homer Simpson “DOH!”

But how much worse is it when that “DOH!” moment comes right after you hit “send” on that really, really important marketing email, only to realize theres a big, glaring typo in the subject line? And theres nothing you can do about it. That email is already getting delivered, whether you like it or not. To all 5,000 people.

Bummer, dude.

Truth be told, just like little tweaks can make a big, positive impact on your marketing ROI, there are also a lot of simple, careless mistakes you can make that will do the complete opposite, ruining the effect of your marketing efforts, and oftentimes making you look like a fool along the way. So how do we prevent these silly mistakes from happening? I mean, were only human, right? Theres no secret sauce, but your best bet is to be aware of some common screw-ups, and well … be more careful.

Here are 30 careless mistakes weve seen marketers make that have the potential to totally mess with the effectiveness of your marketing. In fact, many of these were crowdsourced from my marketing colleagues at HubSpot, many of whom I know were speaking from experience. Remember, marketers: Haste makes waste!

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